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06.11 — Wiiville, usa


The night was right. The screens were set: a main stage for epic com­pe­ti­tions, and 2 smaller side shows for Kinect and mini-competitions. The mood was joy­ful to begin. Teams were divided. And the match began. Spon­ta­neous 4-square matches broke out. Yelling and scream­ing erupted. Pizza was con­sumed. Candy devoured. It can only mean one […]

Wiiville, USA


Fri­day, June 24th at 6pm in the CrossTrain­ing Room.

Wiiville, USA comes to town. We con­vert our loft into an incred­i­ble com­pet­i­tive video game enclave. Intense sweat is every­where. Candy wrap­pers fly like leaves on a windy fall day. And best of all, you con­trol your own destiny.

Don’t miss a sec­ond of Wiiville, USA.

01.10 — Wiiville, USA


I think there are over 1000 pic­tures of this event posted below, so, do you really need a text wrapup? Seri­ously? Well, you are get­ting one any­way. The CrossTrain­ing room was trans­formed. Mul­ti­ple gam­ing options were set up all over the room. Ping­pong, Foursquare, Foos­ball, and of course 2 giant Wii screens, 4 con­trollers each, […]

Just a Normal Night in Wiiville

mul­ti­ple wiis mas­sive screens pizza huge tour­neys of fun sat­ur­day Feb­ru­ary 28 6–9:30pm orbc teen room free! We’ll scarf some pizza, duke it out with some smash broth­ers, ten­nis around on some wii sports, race a lit­tle Mario Kart Wii, and ski the slopes of Wii Fit. Mas­sive tour­na­ments will abound. Lets just put it this […]