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06.10 — On the River Tubing Wrapup


It was a beau­ti­ful day for some seri­ous river chill­ing. The group was pumped. Tevas had been donned. The time was right for a beau­ti­ful trek down a some­time rush­ing, other times bab­bling, still other times gen­tly rolling Lit­tle River in the beau­ti­ful town of Townsend, TN. We hit the river right away. The water […]

On the River. Tubing Adventure

Com­ing Fri­day, June 25th!

It’s a tub­ing extravanganza.

Get off work. Get your tevas ready, baby. Because, it is On the River Tub­ing Adven­ture Time at CrossTraining.

08.05 — Tubing Trip Pictures

Tub­ing Trip Pic­tures Don’t ever for­get… We had a great time tub­ing in the moun­tains of Townsend. A gor­geous day, a short yel­low bus, and tubes are all you need for a kick­off to a new school year. Just a few things we don’t want to for­get from our Back 2 School blast: The Rapids […]