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07.11 — Mission Camp Photos


A full 10 days of work, sweat, min­istry, dis­ci­ple­ship, preach­ing, fun, games and vantrippin.

02.11 — Ski Trip 2011


Early morn­ing. Not cold. Van full. All guys. Snowy slopes. Skis rented. Fog rolled in. Ski­ing con­tin­ued. Rain began. Skiers pressed on. Lifts closed. Rentals returned. Pizza Inn buf­fet. Fin­ished the day. Great times.

07.10 – Mission.Trinidad trip


We blogged our whole trip to Trinidad day by day. Come check out the pho­tos and read the wrapups. See what God did! Click here to head over there.

06.10 — On the River Tubing Wrapup


It was a beau­ti­ful day for some seri­ous river chill­ing. The group was pumped. Tevas had been donned. The time was right for a beau­ti­ful trek down a some­time rush­ing, other times bab­bling, still other times gen­tly rolling Lit­tle River in the beau­ti­ful town of Townsend, TN. We hit the river right away. The water […]