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Life Under the Sun: Ecclesiastes

11.02.27 - life under the sun - ingredients - Ecc 03.001

God gave us 5 senses to inter­act with life under the sun, but if we don’t have the 6th sense, none of it makes any sense.

What is that sixth sense?

Solomon tells us every Sun­day morn­ing. Come check it out!



In Sun­day School, we have been exam­in­ing the huge words that define what we believe. #7 was Atone­ment. What is the atone­ment? Come read the best def­i­n­i­tion I’ve read on the sub­ject of Christ’s mak­ing man “at-one-ment” with him. The ital­i­cized one is mem­o­riz­able and great for med­i­tat­ing. Think slowly through these lines and see […]