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09.06 — Yuck Night

Don’t Ever For­get…
… Roberts new “hair gel“
… the itsy bitsy spi­der that scared us all
… Gummi bears hide well in Spaghetti and whipped cream
… A bal­loon toss with a sur­prise
… Steal the bacon…literally
… Search­ing in pud­ding for words to a verse with your toes
… The feel­ing of hit­ting a banana with a base­ball bat
… The feel­ing of get­ting hit with a banana in the face
… Home Run Derby Yuck Night Style
… Extra points for dunk­ing your head in mus­tard
… Vienna sausage hit­ting your lip
… Flour game
… Hurl­ing a marsh­mal­low dipped in your teams spe­cial sauce across the lawn.
… Slid­ing down a slip­pery soapy slide at full speed
… Try­ing to get food from every nook and cranny of your neck
… Won­der­ing how you might smell if you left the goop there
… the most fun you’ll ever have with food!

08.06 — Whitewater Adventure

PERFECT DAY Ahh. The beauty of the moun­tains, the thrill of rag­ing rapids, and the rush of hurtling over falls and rolling rifts. It was a per­fect day to hit the mighty “nanny” river. 90 degrees warm and a clear blue sky greeted us as we pulled into the Pad­dle Inn parkign lot. A safety […]

05.06 — BounceOUT.06 Pics

BounceOUT.06! We had a blast bounc­ing out of school for 2006. The 4 inflate­ables were huge! The excite­ment was in the air. We brought our coolest moves and fastest speed. An obsta­cle course, a box­ing ring, a 25ft slide, and a 4 on 4 bas­ket­ball court loomed before us, and we attacked them with all […]

04.06 — Price is Right Pics

It’s the game-show-a-palooza grand finale! Over $700 (actual retail prices, mind you) in prizes were given away. 25 dif­fer­ent chances to win. 10 peo­ple at the big wheel. 2 con­tes­tants at the show­case show­down. 1 $100 grand prize win­ner. Click on any of the shots below to view all the great pics…

04.06 — fan the flame. Photos

Play by Play We had a blast in the cool moun­tains of Frozen Head State Park. Our site was beau­ti­ful, right on the edge of a bub­bling creek. The night was per­fect. The tents were set up in no time, and before head­ing out for some crazy games, we roasted some hot dogs over the fire. […]

03.06 — Curling Photos + TI

Don’t ever for­get …
… Grannies can bowl.
…“some­one” slipped down the lane
…learn­ing what is really going on when a speaker pauses mid-sentance
…watch­ing Acree hurl an 8-pounder halfway down the lane…in the air
… learn­ing that Alyse is a skilled curler
… Aarin Ham­mond has the form of the pros
… Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies make a lot of noise when they curl
… Stephen Mee can and will sleep any­where
… Some teams don’t need mas­cots. They are thier own. Right, pin­heads? :)
… We aren’t the only ORBCORBC is also Oak Ridge Bowl­ing Cen­ter
…Cold pizza makes a great Sun­day morn­ing break­fast
…Teens Involved is a great Sunday!

02.06 — Dads + Kids UT Game

UT vs. Arkansas Click Here to View all the Photos

12.05 — a Redneck Christmas

A Merry Red­neck Christ­mas to all and a Happy New Year! Click Here to check out all the pic­tures from the event. Don’t ever for­get… … a red­neck night before christ­mas … some tasty chili … a trip to the big city to buy some “sup­plies“ … all the funny looks at the gro­cery store. … that […]

11.05 — manhunt wrapup

Click here to check out the MANHUNT 2005 pic­tures. If you have any from your dig­i­tal camera…pass em along to me right away! I’ll post them for every­one to see.

10.05 — Farm Fest Wrapup

Don’t wanna for­get… What a great day to spend together as a group. Our trip to Simp­sonville went fine, and we had a blast on the trip down in Big Bertha (15-passenger) and Lit­tle Boy (mini-van.) We pulled into Cal­vary Bap­tist Church in Simp­sonville just in time to hang out, play some crazy knock­out B-ball, […]

CrossTraining History

take a look back at Crosstrain­ing room ver­sion 1.0. What do you remem­ber about this room? Any­body got any dec­o­rat­ing ideas for the Cold Pea Soup Room? PS…every com­ment that I like will be worth 500 points for your team.

09.05 — The Big Help Photos

THE JUNIPER ARMY For what­ever it is worth, I now know that juniper is a force to be given respect and honor. That green leafy plant is one men­ac­ing foe, espe­cially when its been set­ting up camp on the side of our hill for the last 20 years. But that didn’t stop the CrossTrain­ing teens. […]

08.05 — Tubing Trip Pictures

Tub­ing Trip Pic­tures Don’t ever for­get… We had a great time tub­ing in the moun­tains of Townsend. A gor­geous day, a short yel­low bus, and tubes are all you need for a kick­off to a new school year. Just a few things we don’t want to for­get from our Back 2 School blast: The Rapids […]

08.05 — The Wilds Photos