Sunday School Series
The Gospel-Centered Life


Cur­rently, we are seek­ing a fresh glimpse at the cross to under­stand how the gospel shapes every aspect of our lives.

If the gospel is con­stantly “bear­ing fruit and grow­ing” (Col. 1:6), then every­thing has to do with the gospel—God, human­ity, sal­va­tion, wor­ship, rela­tion­ships, shop­ping, recre­ation, work, personality…everything!


What to expect:

Expect to be chal­lenged. Most of us have reduced the gospel to some­thing much less than it is. As you work through each les­son, expect your think­ing about the gospel to be chal­lenged and expanded.

Expect the Holy Spirit to be the one ulti­mately respon­si­ble for our growth, and for the change in each person’s life—including your own. Relax and trust him.


  1. Choices
  2. Prep Talk
  3. Gospel-Centered Teens
  4. 02.11 — CrossTrainingKARM
  5. Ques­tions to ask your Bible

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