Obey Sermon Series

Cur­rently, we are exam­in­ing what our God has to say about author­ity. As Chil­dren of the Enlight­en­ment, who’s motto is, “If I have a bet­ter way to do things, it trumps every­thing else” what does God have for us?

What does God’s word say about why we should obey? Is it really bet­ter to sub­mit when all I am hear­ing in the world is do my own thing?

In an age when author­ity is pic­tured like this…

What does the truth say?

Come Wednes­day nights to hear God’s take on author­ity! And as we’ll see every week, its a good thing Jesus sub­mit­ted per­fectly to author­ity, because we mess up all the time when it comes to sub­mis­sion! We are rebels at our core, aren’t we?


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