20 Huge Words

Every Sun­day morn­ing through the sum­mer, we will be explor­ing what the Bible says about what we need to believe. We will be exam­in­ing some of the words that are used often and not explained well that have immense power for remind­ing us who we are in Christ, what God has done for His peo­ple, and what we must live like if we want to find joy in God.

We’ll be dis­sect­ing these 20 huge words week by week for a while.

  1. Trin­ity
    Father, Son, & Spirit
  2. Bible
    Rev­e­la­tion, Inspi­ra­tion, & Preservation
  3. Cre­ation
    Image of God, Creation
  4. Sin
    Fall of Man, Deprav­ity & Sin
  5. Covenant
  6. Incar­na­tion
  7. Sub­sti­tu­tion­ary Atonement
  8. Res­ur­rec­tion
  9. Sal­va­tion
    1. Eter­nity Past: Elec­tion, Pre­des­ti­na­tion, and Foreknowledge
    2. Pur­suit: Call­ing, Repen­tance & Faith
    3. Dec­la­ra­tion: Pro­pi­ti­a­tion, Redemp­tion & Justification
    4. Inher­i­tance: Adop­tion, Union With Christ & Security
    5. Con­tin­u­a­tion: Sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion, & Perseverance
    6. Com­ple­tion: Glo­ri­fi­ca­tion
  10. Church
  11. Wor­ship
  12. Stew­ard­ship
  13. Glory of God
  14. King­dom


  1. Atone­ment
  2. 20 Huge Words — #4 Sin and Fall
  3. Ques­tions to ask your Bible
  4. Why?
  5. Feed­ing the Flesh

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