Memory Game

Some­thing to try if you are bored…

Play mem­ory with CrossTrain­ing Event Pho­tos

Or if that ver­sion is just too hard, try this one.

What is your best score?

Post it in a com­ment below. I wanna see who has the best memory.


  1. True Beauty
  2. CrossTrain­ing History
  3. 12.05 — a Red­neck Christmas
  4. 06.06 — The Wilds Camp Trip
  5. 11.05 — man­hunt wrapup

3 Responses to “Memory Game”

  1. pastorjon says:

    Oh yeah, by the way, my score was 74.

  2. beth says:

    My score was 80…Bobby has us all beat with a 72!

  3. Adesva says:

    How are you?

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