AWANA Fair 2006


Another AWANA Fair suc­cess! Thanks to all the CrossTrain­ing team for serv­ing the younger kids in our church. You did a great job mod­el­ing the love of Christ to even the youngest while help­ing kids, encour­ag­ing ones in jail, work­ing car­ni­val booths and pass­ing out candy.

We only suf­fered a few injuries for the night. Josh Her­wig got whacked in the head with an errant golf club, Aarin Ham­mond suf­fered a seri­ous con­tu­sion at the cookie walk site (it was crazy over there), and a sail­ing dart pierced Jonathan Randazzo’s ear. Only one of those is true…and for that we are sorry, Josh. :)
Click here to catch all the pictures.


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