11.05 — manhunt wrapup

Click here to check out the MANHUNT 2005 pictures.

The crowd

If you have any from your dig­i­tal camera…pass em along to me right away! I’ll post them for every­one to see.


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5 Responses to “11.05 — manhunt wrapup”

  1. josh herwig says:

    yeah u need to take that one w/ me behind ran­dazzo down…it’s really weird look­ing. just let­tin u kno

  2. josh herwig says:

    u can really rack up the “hits” by doin back and forward

  3. pastorjon says:

    You must have some seri­ous time on your hands. :)

  4. Josh Herwig says:

    u really need to take that one down

  5. pastorjon says:

    Why, Josh? It’s just a per­fect shot.

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