10.05 — Farm Fest Wrapup

The Tent

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Don’t wanna forget…

What a great day to spend together as a group. Our trip to Simp­sonville went fine, and we had a blast on the trip down in Big Bertha (15-passenger) and Lit­tle Boy (mini-van.) We pulled into Cal­vary Bap­tist Church in Simp­sonville just in time to hang out, play some crazy knock­out B-ball, vol­ley a bit, chuck a foot­ball, eat some snacks, and hit the hay. Farm Fest was just a 10-minute drive away in the morn­ing, so after a home-cooked and store bought break­fast, we hit the road. The activ­i­ties were great, the preach­ing was pow­er­ful, and the fun was huge.

Ahh, the memories

  • As objects were fly­ing across the room, “That was my shoe…that was my other shoe…that was my flashlight…yup, that was my sleep­ing bag…”
  • Beth knock­ing out the com­pe­ti­tion in Basketball
  • A-C-E…You know! You Know! You know!
  • A horse wran­glin preacher
  • I love him bet­ter every d-a-y.”
  • Andrew Monroe’s Yoohoo + Pick­led Sausage Bomb
  • Some­one fell off a log in the obsta­cle course… :)
  • Daisy
  • Sloppy Joes
  • We want Rocky Top! We want Rocky Top!
  • An awe­some day!


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