09.06 — Yuck Night

Yuck is Right!



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Don’t Ever Forget…

… Roberts new “hair gel”

… the itsy bitsy spi­der that scared us all

… Gummi bears hide well in Spaghetti and whipped cream

… A bal­loon toss with a surprise

… Steal the bacon…literally

… Search­ing in pud­ding for words to a verse with your toes

100_2955 … The feel­ing of hit­ting a banana with a base­ball bat

… The feel­ing of get­ting hit with a banana in the face

… Home Run Derby Yuck Night Style

… Extra points for dunk­ing your head in mustard

… Vienna sausage hit­ting you in the face

… Flour game

… Hurl­ing a marsh­mal­low dipped in your teams spe­cial sauce across the lawn.

… Slid­ing down a slip­pery soapy slide at full speed

… Try­ing to get food from every nook and cranny of your neck

… Won­der­ing how you might smell if you left the goop there

… the most fun you’ll ever have with food!

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  1. Erica Estep says:

    Hello! I hap­pened across your web­site! WOW! You guys have a great Web­page! Lots of cool things going on for your young peo­ple. I was really inter­ested in your yuck night and was wondering…if you would be able to share with me some of your secrect reciepes and ideas for your famous yuck night. My hus­band and I are help­ing with the young peo­ple in our church in Louisiana. We thought this would be great for them to expe­ri­ence!!! If some­one could get back to me that would be GREAT!

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