09.05 — The Big Help Photos

Hard working feet

What are you trying to say? - I'm dirty? Slide Did you do that on purpose? Hows the Kool-Aid?


For what­ever it is worth, I now know that juniper is a force to be given respect and honor. That green leafy plant is one men­ac­ing foe, espe­cially when its been set­ting up camp on the side of our hill for the last 20 years. But that didn’t stop the CrossTrain­ing teens. With every yard too imag­ine­able we kicked, beat, axed, and raked the scrag­gly prickly pine off the side of our ter­ri­tory. Then we promptly dumped the remains down in the kud­zoo where all bad plants go. :)


All I can say is, amaz­ing work every­one! The hill looks incred­i­ble, and we did it! Thanks for giv­ing of your time to serve the church and ulti­mately your God. Your spir­its were great, and you worked harder than any teenagers I’ve seen in a long time. Just beware of Ray­mond and Rol­land when they have shov­els in thier hands.


By the way, I’m think­ing of mak­ing Bocce the offi­cial sport of CrossTrain­ing. Any other sug­ges­tions?


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4 Responses to “09.05 — The Big Help Photos”

  1. Andrew Randazzo says:

    Hey PJ, I think the major­ity of the youth group would agree that soc­cer is the youth group’s sport. There should be an offi­cial vote.

  2. jonkopp says:

    I say, let’s take a vote.
    Click on the link below to vote on which sport you think should be the offi­cial sport of CrossTrain­ing.
    The Vote Commences

  3. someone says:

    ur link dosn’t acually work
    just let­tin u kno

  4. jonkopp says:

    I think thier site was down.
    It works now.

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