03.06 — Curling Photos + TI

Ten­nessee Curl­ing Strikes Again!

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The Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies, Cow­boy Clowns, War­riors, Pin­heads, Strikes and Spares, Bleus Clues and Pirates Who Don’t do any­thing, con­verged on the ORBC (Oak Ridge Bowl­ing Cen­ter, that is…) for a crazy night of team curl­ing. Form, enthu­si­asm, unity and briberies were fac­tored in to see who would be crowned the win­ning team from Curling.

And the Win­ner is!

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Any­thing!

Don’t ever forget…

… Grannies can bowl.

…“some­one” slipped down the lane

…learn­ing what is really going on when a speaker pauses mid-sentance

…watch­ing Acree hurl an 8-pounder halfway down the lane…in the air

… learn­ing that Alyse is a skilled curler

… Aarin Ham­mond has the form of the pros

… Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies make a lot of noise when they curl

… Stephen Mee can and will sleep anywhere

… Some teams don’t need mas­cots. They are thier own. Right, pin­heads? :)

… We aren’t the only ORBCORBC is also Oak Ridge Bowl­ing Center

…Cold pizza makes a great Sun­day morn­ing breakfast

…Teens Involved is a great Sunday!

If you have pic­tures email them to me! You could be fea­tured in the CrossTrain­ing Pic of the Week!

Ben the Bowler Cowboy clowns Practice for Teens Involved Blues Clues


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