02.08 — Ski Trip 2008

Feb­ru­ary Showers?

The slopes called. And we answered. The voice on the other line said, “Ski your heart out. No mat­ter what.” And, we did. We pulled out of Oak Ridge too early to imag­ine on Mon­day morn­ing, Feb­ru­ary 4 and made the trek through the hills of ten­nessee into North Car­olina. Sounds of sleep and snor­ing were the only sounds that the group made till about 8am. We pulled into the park­ing lot at Beech Moun­tain and quickly got our equip­ment and gear ready for a day on the slopes. The tem­per­a­ture was wild. A blus­tery, sunny 48. Which isn’t all that bad when the slopes are thick with snow. We had an amaz­ing morn­ing learn­ing and get­ting our feet used to hav­ing two large peices of wood on them. Life was grand. Peo­ple were careen­ing over hills and jumps that were at first glance impos­si­ble. Groups hopped onto ski lifts and rode the moun­tain for all it was worth. Some stopped in for a quick lunch or a game of table foot­ball while oth­ers ignored teh human urge to eat. Then at around 2pm the party got even bet­ter. Rain moved in, and we had an after­noon full of play­ing and ski­ing and laugh­ing in the rain. The rain defi­nately didn’t stop us. We filled our day with as much ski­ing as we could–dry or soaked. We ended the day wet through and through. Our change of clothes were defi­nately used, and we all piled back into the vans for the ride home. 3 hours and a Wendy’s meal later, we were snug in Oak Ridge…completely ready for a good night’s rest. The slopes called. And we always love it when they call.

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