01.08 — tackiest christmas ever


It was Jan­u­ary, the last of our dec­o­ra­tions were put away. No more tin­sel. No more gar­land. No more presents. Or so we thought. Who says you can’t have a Christ­mas party in Jan­u­ary? Every­one! CrossTrain­ing boldly went where noone dared go before. Tack­i­ness. The party started at around 6pm and every­one started arriv­ing donned in all man­ner of orna­ments, crazy hair­styles, hol­i­day sweaters, Christ­mas capes, and three peice suits. It was a beau­ti­ful thing. We played some wii, we swept some stock­ings and we even got in the spirit of giving…tacky style! No small ani­mals were harmed, except maybe a large yel­low duck. The Tack­i­est Christ­mas party ever just may have been the best Christ­mas party ever.

Tackiest Christmas Ever Tackiest Christmas Ever Tackiest Christmas Ever Tackiest Christmas Ever Tackiest Christmas Ever

Hope you had a great time at The Tack­i­est Christ­mas Ever.


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  1. stephen says:

    that was a pretty fun time.….…i guess

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