01.07 — Ski Trip

Ski Trip 2007

4:40am came early on Jan­u­ary 29! We all sleep­ily piled into 2 vans for a trip up the moun­tain. Rentals were fit­ted, lift tick­ets were stuck, and we all got bun­dled up for a day full of ski­ing. We had a gor­geous day! Not a cloud in the sky and tem­per­a­tures in the 20s. We almost had to put on sun­screen! Every­body did great! A 1 hour les­son in the morn­ing got every­body started and we had a great day shoosh­ing down the slopes together. We all had lunch in the lodge and filled the after­noon with more skiing…most of us did any­way. A few chose to spend the remain­der of the day snug­gled up and warm near the fire. The lifts closed at 4:00 and we were return­ing our rentals and head­ing back down the moun­tain. We hit a stop at McDon­alds or KFC on the ride home, and the trip was done. What a day!

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