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Hello every­body!

I’ll be post­ing live updates from the Wilds as the week of camp goes on. Check back often to see whats going on!


All the pic­tures are online from the week. Click here for more information!

8:40am — Sat­ur­day, June 25

The van is packed, and we are ready to get on the road. The teens lum­bered out to the van this morn­ing with crackly voices from cheer­ing and sto­ries about their 6:00am tub­ing trip this morn­ing. The week went great, and God is to be praised for the great things He has done in chang­ing lives! We will see you at 12:30pm at the church. See yah!


Every Fri­day night, to cap off the week, the Wilds builds a fire in the back of the ser­vice build­ing. The ser­vice is built around giv­ing the tes­ti­mony that our lives are like a lit­tle stick we throw on the fire. Crooked and dirty, we aren’t worth very much…but when we allow our­selves to be used, we can become fuel on the fire. God wants us to come to Him to be used. Every camper passes the fire and throws a stick in. The tes­ti­mony is that every­thing is right between them and God. Throw­ing a stick in the fire is a tes­ti­mony of God’s work in thier lives this week. It is a mov­ing time and a fit­ting end­ing to the week.

11:00pm — Fri­day, June 24

The ser­vice tonight was very pow­er­ful! God truly worked through Brother Goetsch. He spoke on bui­lid­ing our lives. He called us to make sure we have a foun­da­tion, empha­siz­ing how impor­tant it is to be sure of your sal­va­tion. He also chal­lenged us not to skimp on the frame­work by short­cir­cuit­ing the sys­tem God has set up, and he called us to be sure our works will be tried by fire and last. Our work that is done for God will be gold, sil­ver, and pre­cious stones. What we do for our­selves will be wood, hay and stub­ble. The teens responded to God’s work­ing! It is a won­der­ful thing to watch God work.

Pic­tures, Pic­tures, Pictures

Here they come, every­one. Here are a smat­ter­ing of the pic­tures I’ve been tak­ing while we’ve been up here. The game in the pic­tures on the fields was called Tag-a-lot. The teens had to avoid being tagged by jump­ing back and forth from one side of a field divided into sides by a row of buck­ets to another. The other team had a baton and couldn’t cross to the other side of the buck­ets. They could only pass the baton to the other side, that per­son could then run and try and tag them. Slip­pery jumps and reach­ing tags were great to watch, and the teens loved it even more. Tag-a-lot is prob­a­bly the best game the Wilds does. It is a lot of fun!

Sorry about the qual­ity of these…although we are back online…its a bit slow. It is camp after all. :)

We had a huge storm roll in both today and yes­ter­day. Some of us got caught in the rain.

The evening ser­vice Thurs­day night.

Final scor­ing! The red team pulled out a win!


Thurs­day after­noon is the time where the Youth Groups get together and share what God is doing in thier lives. Our girls were very open as to what God is doing. Spe­cial excit­ing spe­cific things! God has done some great works!! They are all learn­ing alot! And we pray that they are being changed for the rest of thier lives. We walked away very excited about this week so far, and we still have tonight! Please pray for God to work! Tonight’s mes­sage is usu­ally a dedication/service mes­sage. Pray that our teens will avail them­selves to thier coun­selors who are trained and set up to work through thier needs with them. Pray for hon­esty and brokenness!

4:18pm — Fri­day, June 24

Good after­noon every­one! Sorry I haven’t been keep­ing up the last cou­ple of days. The inter­net has been down up here…people are think­ing it is the heat and a big storm we had. Who knows…Anyways, we have had a great cou­ple of days. John Goetsch has been really bring­ing God’s word to us. And it has been very applic­a­ble to our teenagers. Wednes­day nights mes­sage was on the cross. It is a huge moti­va­tor not just for sal­va­tion, but for ser­vice and sep­a­ra­tion. He encour­aged us that Christ’s wounds are still vis­i­ble, there­fore, we must be moved to do more for our Sav­ior that died for us. The Chris­t­ian Life Sem­i­nars have been very prac­ti­cal and have hit our teens in areas of Tele­vi­sion, devo­tions, and gen­der spe­cific morals. God really worked through these on our teens. Last nights mes­sage was from Eccle­si­astes 10. He empha­sized the impor­tance of rid­ding our lives of even the small things. Because they become dead flies in the fra­grance of our spir­i­tual lives. A lit­tle leaven leav­ens the whole lump. He applied it to friends, thoughts, atti­tudes, etc. God worked in me last night, and I trust that God will cause the Word to take root.

11:18pm — Tues­day, June 20

Tonight, every­body headed out on the ball­field for another big ball game. Big Ball Vol­ley­ball for the girls and Big Ball Bas­ket­ball for the guys. Every­body had a blast try­ing to move the mas­sive mul­ti­col­ored ball.

The ser­vice was pow­er­ful from the begin­ning. Matt Herb­ster led us in singing some pow­er­ful cho­ruses together, includ­ing the theme song for the week, God’s Word Shall Stand. The Oper­a­tional Staff choirs sang 2 great songs. Lift Up the Cross and a new arrange­ment of Come Thou Fount. Before the mes­sage, Matt Herb­ster sang, Wash Me Now. The spe­cial right before the mes­sage fit per­fectly. Brother Goetsch preached from I Kings 5–the story of Naa­man being washed. His focus again tonight was on the gospel. He shared that a believer in the regime, a maid who spoke a lit­tle word about her God, was able to impact the com­man­der Naa­man, and even though he had a bat­tle of his resolve where he had an infu­ri­ated response (upset at see­ing his sin) igno­rant rea­son­ing (where he made excuses) and an infe­rior replace­ment (where he sug­gested the Dam­as­cus rivers.) He had his blem­ish removed by wash­ing. We can also be washed clean. The chal­lenge was for us to be sure we are washed and then to be out­spo­ken in our regime. Who do you know that you can chal­lenge with a lit­tle word about your God? All for now. Good night, everyone!

7:00pm — Tues­day, June 20

The theme for the morn­ing chapels is Liv­ing in the Face of Ridicule. The mes­sages and God-and-I times are all taken from the book of 1 Peter.

Caught some of the girls before din­ner. A group of them headed down the river for a tub­ing adven­ture, only the river is not much of a river due to the lack of rain. They spent a lot of time walking…and a lit­tle time float­ing. :) Some of them braved the Giant Swing…and Alyse, Allie and Stacey were sport­ing match­ing Fiery Red Team shirts. The ser­vice is in about an hour. Pray earnestly for God to work in our teen’s hearts. Pray for our speaker, John Goetsch, and also for the teens hearts–that they would be hon­est and bro­ken before God’s Word. All for now. See yah.

9:15am — Tues­day, June 20

Good morn­ing every­one. After a nice drive up the moun­tains, we pulled
onto the camp­site at about 3:00pm yes­ter­day. Our girls got assigned to
some great coun­selors. 6 of the girls are on the Red McCoys team and 3
are on the Hat­field Blue. First things first was pizza for din­ner,
fol­lowed by a game on a crazy ori­en­ta­tion. The theme for the week is
Fam­ily Feudin’, so they had the start of a gen­uine Ten­nessee feud while
we watched. A live pig even made an appear­ance. Leg­end has it that the
Hat­feild and McCoy feud all started with a dis­pute over a pig, so the
Wilds was true to his­tory for their skit. Which involved describ­ing why
each fam­ily deserved the pig…because they take him to all the cool
places the Wilds has to offer. They showed all kinds of pic­tures with
the pig in var­i­ous places across the camp­site. Pretty funny. :) After
ori­en­ta­tion, we headed to the ball­field for a game of big ball. The “big
balls” are about 4’ft tall and weigh quite a bit, the object of the game
was to get yours across your teams line to score points. It looked like
a lot of fun. The ser­vice was next. John Goetsch is going to be great
for our teens this week. He started the week off with a ser­mon on hell,
and he com­mu­ni­cated the truth that the descrip­tion of hell from the
story of the Rich Man and Lazarus must moti­vate us to sal­va­tion,
sep­a­ra­tion, and ser­vice. Dr. Goetsh has a unique way of blend­ing the
scrip­ture into his ser­mons. He has mem­o­rized a lot of the Bible and he
weaves it into his preach­ing. Its going to be a great week! The Wilds
said there is record atten­dance for the summer–814 teen campers–here
this week. See yah.


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