12.10 — Its a CrossTraining Christmas!

It’s all about the gifts…the white ele­phant gifts, that is. Giv­ing is way bet­ter than receiv­ing and we showed it true again this year with our annual CrossTrain­ing Christ­mas partay!

We cranked up our col­lec­tion of tacky Christ­mas tunes and got going with games, food, and gen­eral Christ­mas spirit. It was a grand old time, let me tell you. There were chal­lenges in the infa­mous Pop it. Do it. Win it. There were huge prizes at stake, and every­one jumped in for a laugh.


  1. Coal­field Feud
  2. 12.06 — The Coal­field Feud
  3. 01.08 — tack­i­est christ­mas ever
  4. 04.06 — Price is Right Pics
  5. 12.09 — It’s a CrossTrain­ing Christmas

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