11.09 — Manhunt 2009

Vision is impaired. Para­noia kicks in. A crack of a branch sends you into a panic. Are you breath­ing too loud? Can they hear your heart pound­ing through your chest? Who can you trust? Where can you hide? The dark envelopes you. Nowhere is safe. It is MANHUNT.
Teams will bat­tled in an epic night of hide-and-seek extreme, where the seek­ers might not be who you think they are. Some get lost. Some have never been found. The woods taunt you. Your sense lie to you. And every sound could be the last you hear before you are caught…


  1. 04.11 — Man­hunt Spring Edition
  2. Date Change Notice!
    Man­hunt 2011
    Novem­ber 11, 2011
  3. Man­hunt 2006
  4. man­hunt
  5. Man­hunt 2007

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