10.10 — Farm Fest Retreat

Our annual farm­fest trip was good times! Every year, we are com­pet­i­tive, every year, we have a blast. Every year, God does a work in our hearts!

here is a text by text wrapup

farm fest 10 is over. great day! grab­bin a bite of chic­fila b4 headin home
4:51 PM Oct 9th via txt

great oppur­tu­nity 2 hear the gospel preached from the para­ble of rich fool. praise God for many that responded to trust christ for salva …
2:07 PM Oct 9th via txt

great mes­sage on the charec­tar of god from gen­e­sis 3. God wants to save u from the lies of the devil! he wants the best 4 u!
10:58 AM Oct 9th via txt

2 and 0 at vol­l­ley­ball. 1 and 0 at foot­ball. great morn­ing so far. time for our first ser­vice with mor­ris gleiser
9:53 AM Oct 9th via txt

1 and 0…we advance! http://twitpic.com/2w0pm6
9:22 AM Oct 9th via Twitpic

huge youth group dodge­ball going down in an inflate­able ring.
8:22 AM Oct 9th via txt

noth­ing like a wrestling match to start the day http://twitpic.com/2vzzzp
8:03 AM Oct 9th via Twitpic

a youth pastor’s best friend. espe­cially after a night on a gym floor. http://twitpic.com/2vzf4x
6:55 AM Oct 9th via Twitpic

ever had a frosty for break­fast? we have.
6:53 AM Oct 9th via txt

just a lit­tle late night snack for every­one. frosty any­one? http://twitpic.com/2vuvpa
9:24 PM Oct 8th via Twitpic

and we r in to the gym at cal­vary. a few games of seri­ous bas­ket­ball are about to break out. per­fect night!
8:31 PM Oct 8th via txt


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