04.07 — Impact 2007

Back to Basics!

We spent a fast week­end in the hills of West Vir­ginia for a 2 day retreat for teenagers. Impact 2007 had over 200 teens total, and we jumped right into the mix. Our time opened up with some great open­ing skits and games. We dom­i­nated in Fam­ily Feud on the big screen…and in fact, I don’t think every­one else at Impact was ready for the CrossTrain­ing group. We tore up in pushups and had a blast talk­ing trash to each other…all in all though, it wasn’t a guy who did the best. It was a girl. Read on to see who that was. Amaz­ing. We gath­ered back in the audi­to­rium for some singing and the mes­sage time. We heard some great preach­ing to kick us off. Dr. Ollila showed us how to live like a com­mit­ted Chris­t­ian. From the life of Joseph he showed us areas we needed to be more depen­dant on God and less on our­selves. After the ser­vice, we headed to the gym to play some more games before retreat­ing to our cab­ins for the night. Our coun­selors were great, and we had some really good talks about impor­tant things. Break­fast came too early for most of us, but we all crawled out of bed and over to the gym for some food. Next up was a ser­vice, and after another great ser­mon from Dr. O, we headed out to the feild for a mas­sive game of Trash ball. Again, we dom­i­nated. :) Lunch came and we quickly wolfed down Chick-Fil-A and brwonies before head­ing up for our last ser­vice. Dr. O had some great things for us. Prac­ti­cal, and pow­er­ful. After a crazy group pic­ture we piled our gear back on the bus for the trip home. Great trip, I’d say!

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Don’t ever forget…

..Alyse can do 43 pushups in a minute.

..Dr. Ollila is hilar­i­ous

..Wah is a fun game…but it looks funny

..Fam­ily Feud comes in handy.

..Don’t mess with the Bar­ney Patrol.

..A spit­ting con­test can go gross fast. (The skit..)

..Trash Ball expe­ri­ence comes in handy.

..Appalachia is pretty.

..Grass makes an annoy­ing sound if 13 peo­ple are blow­ing on it at the same time.

..Van rides while dis­cussing spir­i­tual things are great!

..A week­end in the moun­tains is fun stuff.

..Chik-fil-a should be required food at all teen activ­i­ties.

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