y-12 Security Training


Y-12 Secu­rity Training!

Con­sider your­self recruited for the Y-12 secu­rity team. By order of the Depart­ment of Energee Oak Ridge Bap­tist Church will be equipped with a mas­sive tun­nel sys­tem dupli­cat­ing the net­work of HVAC ducts at the y-12 national com­plex. How quickly can you nav­i­gate the twists and turns in a high ter­ror sit­u­a­tion? Can your team accom­plish its objec­tives and be on top?

Reg­is­ter your team of 3–4 to find out for March 10, 2007. There are two time slots for the activ­ity. Please reg­is­ter for one and note the times and places for pick­ups and drop offs. This sched­ule is to allow you as much time as pos­si­ble inside the tunnels.

Bring a friend with you, its gonna be huge! Remem­ber for every vis­i­tor you bring, your team starts out with an extra $100.

MARCH 10, 2007 — $4

5:45–7:30pm (drop off and pickup at Church)


7–8:45pm (drop off and pickup at Church)

Impor­tant note: Every­thing will start and end at the church. Includ­ing pick ups and drop offs. — This is a change from the fly­ers you had. The teens will be trans­ported to and from the church to the loca­tion of the activity.

Rules for entry:

1) Teams must be made up of 3–4 peo­ple. $4 each.

2) Teams must have a name.

3) Teams with vis­i­tors on them will receive $100 per friend for sup­plies.

4) Team signup is first come, first serve.

5) Teams must be picked up and dropped off at the loca­tions for the signup.

6) Win­ners will be announced March 11, in Sun­day School.

7) If you can’t get on a team, please alert Pas­tor Jon.

To reg­is­ter your team, please <a href=“mailto:jon.kopp@orbc4u.org?subject=y-12 secu­rity train­ing team registration&body=Please reg­is­ter my team of the fol­low­ing peo­ple. If there is a time slot avail­able, I” d like to sign my team up for the ___________ por­tion. Our team’s name is ______________.”>email this form to Pas­tor Jon.


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