The Big Help

The big helpDo you have hands?
Use them to min­is­ter.
Do you have feet?
Use them to serve.
Do you have time?
Use it to for God.
Do you have heart?
Our church needs us! There are land­scap­ing demo­li­tions that must be com­pleted! There are walls that must be torn down! There are shrubs that must be uprooted! There are mulch chips that must be spread! Come next Sat­ur­day — there is some­thing just for you to help share the min­istry of Oak Ridge Bap­tist. Meet­ing needs at church and hav­ing a blast. Work for a while…then head to Pas­tor Jon and Beth’s House for a cook­out and an extreme bocce tour­na­ment. Sat­ur­day after­noon, Sep­tem­ber 24, 2005 @ 12:00pm. Pick up at Pas­tor Jon and Beth’s at 6:30pm. Be there.
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2 Responses to “The Big Help”

  1. pastorjon says:

    Noone will beat me in bocce! I am the bocce king.

  2. Jessica Herwig says:

    Cant wait to have a blast!

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