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This year, we are com­bin­ing a mis­sion ser­vice trip and a camp trip. I want our teens to expe­ri­ence the influ­ence of North­land camp and get a bur­den for the camp­ing min­istry. Our plans are to head to Wis­con­sin to serve and par­tic­i­pate at North­land Camp this sum­mer. We will vol­un­teer at the camp doing spe­cial projects the first half week and be a part of the teen camp the next week.

I believe very strongly in the camp­ing min­istry. God dras­ti­cally changed my heart and min­istry direc­tion dur­ing the two years in high school that I went to North­land as a camper. Because of that, I believe this is a trip that your teenager really needs to go on! The spir­i­tual aspect (1 1/2 weeks of preach­ing and one-on-one coun­sel­ing,) time spent with the group (road trip and mis­sion trip level dis­ci­ple­ship,) and the ser­vice oppor­tu­ni­ties make this a great way to spend the sum­mer. Please plan to send your teenagers with us!

July 6–16, 2011

At night on our work days, we will hear from Tom Far­rell. Dur­ing camp, Mor­ris Gleiser will be preach­ing. Will Galkin and Steve Pet­tit preach a morn­ing James 4 study.

The trip costs $295. That cov­ers the week and a half of camp, lodg­ing, and food. The camp rec­om­mends $50–60 in spend­ing money for extra camp things (sou­venirs, paint­ball, snacks, book­store, music, mini-golf, etc—see the flyer for details.) And you will need to plan to pro­vide money for meals on the road for your teen.

Reg­is­tra­tion by March 15 is $295. After March 15 the price is $310. $30 is due at reg­is­tra­tion. Please mark only Teen 3 on your reg­is­tra­tion. We will tech­ni­cally reg­is­ter for the half week.

with any ques­tions: 696‑6810 | jon.kopp@orbc4u.org

Northland’s web­site: northlandcamp.org has tons of great pic­tures and videos describ­ing what a week of camp looks like. Head over and check it out.

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CONTEST RULES Be the first to com­ment on this post with ALL the names of the ORBCers you see in this video clip to win $20 off your camp reg­is­tra­tion. (must have all the peo­ple cor­rect to get the prize)

This sum­mer, North­land is study­ing James 4 for the week of camp. Click here to view a quick video about it. Or read what North­land has to say.


Tom Far­rell
Thurs­day and Fri­day nights
Evan­ge­list Tom Far­rell has been in evan­ge­lism since 1979. He preaches with a pas­sion for God and God’s peo­ple, and demon­strates his zeal for the Lord as he speaks in churches, Chris­t­ian schools, and Chris­t­ian camps across the coun­try. As a fre­quent speaker here, Tom is a friend of North­land Camp.
Lis­ten to a sermon.
Mor­ris Gleiser
Teen Camp Week | Monday-Friday 2 times a Day
Evan­ge­list Mor­ris Gleiser served teens and adults through revival work on the pas­toral staff at Prov­i­dence Bap­tist Church in Riverview, Florida. After 14 years at Prov­i­dence, he spent five years as Camp Direc­tor at the Bill Rice Ranch West Branch before return­ing to local church work at Tri-City Bap­tist Church near Kansas City. Since 2002, he has been a full-time evan­ge­list min­is­ter­ing to all ages across the coun­try.
Lis­ten to a sermon.
Will Galkin
All week James 4 study
Evan­ge­list Will Galkin is known for his heart for teens. After trav­el­ing with the Steve Pet­tit Evan­ge­lis­tic Team for six years, Will and his wife Christy began trav­el­ing on their own in evan­ge­lism and music min­istry in 2002. We’re grate­ful that the Galkins serve here at North­land Camp dur­ing the sum­mer months, where Will is the Staff Evan­ge­list and Christy helps with spe­cial music. The Galkins have five chil­dren.
Lis­ten to a sermon.
Steve Pet­tit
All week James 4 study
Evan­ge­list Steve Pet­tit is known as a strong Bible preacher who empha­sizes revival and evan­ge­lism. He has con­ducted over 600 meet­ings through­out the U.S. and has preached in 12 for­eign coun­tries. Hav­ing worked with teenagers for 30 years, he has a spe­cial bur­den for young peo­ple and preaches in fun­da­men­tal youth camps across Amer­ica every sum­mer. He and his wife Terry have four chil­dren.
Lis­ten to a sermon.


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