Minute to Win It!

Wednes­day night, June 8th at 7pm, we will com­pete for huge prizes in a game of Minute to Win It! Want to pre­pare? Check out these blueprints.

Which game are you most look­ing for­ward to? Let us know in the comments…

Ready Spaghetti

One con­tes­tant must hook a soda can by its upright flip-tab with a piece of uncooked spaghetti, and the other con­tes­tant must grab the other side with their mouth. They must then trans­port it to a dif­fer­ent table. The must trans­fer three cans to another table to cre­ate a minia­ture pyra­mid. The pyra­mid must remain upright for three sec­onds.

Bob­ble Head

With a pedome­tor attached to the fore­head, move the head around to record 125 total “steps” in a minute.

Bucket Head

Bucket Head
Catch 3 balls in a bucket on top of the head.

A Bit Dicey

The con­tes­tant must stack six dice on a pop­si­cle stick held in their mouth and bal­ance them for three sec­onds. Level: 3

Roll With It

The con­tes­tant must unwind 2 rolls of toi­let paper sus­pended on a cross­bar by wrap­ping the paper around their arms until all of the paper on both rolls have been unwound.

Spoon Frog

Bang down on a spoon to pro­pel another spoon into a glass.

Stick the Landing

The con­tes­tant has ten attempts to toss one half full water bot­tle onto a table so that it lands upright 5 feet (1.5 m) away.

Face the Cookie

The con­tes­tant, using only their face, must move two Oreo cook­ies indi­vid­u­ally from their fore­head to their mouth.

Stack Attack

The con­tes­tant must stack 36 cups in a pyra­mid form and then decon­struct it by slid­ing the cups down diag­o­nally, and stack­ing the result­ing piles into one giant stack, as it started in.

High Roller

The con­tes­tant must use cen­trifu­gal force to ver­ti­cally stack dice in tow­ers of three, four and five with a Yahtzee cup.

Hanky Panky

The con­tes­tant must quickly pull all the tis­sues out of a box of 160 tis­sues, one at a time, using only one hand.


Incre­men­tally build a wob­bly tower of cups and ping-pong balls by bounc­ing a ball off the ground into a grow­ing stack of cups held in the hand.

wet ball

Player must pro­pel a bal­loon into a garbage can using only a spray bot­tle.

Glass Road Trucker

Align 8 empty glass bot­tles upside down and blow a ping-pong ball across the sur­face, land­ing it into a glass.


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