Farm Fest 2011

Down­load the PDF flyer and reg­is­tra­tion form. Click here.

It’s FARM FEST time in Tennessee!

Octo­ber 7–8, 2011 | $15

You are invited to join 1,500 teens from across the South­east for Farm Fest 2011. This over night trip expe­ri­ence is packed full of carnival-type chal­lenges “out in the pas­ture,” deli­cious food, hilar­i­ous skits and great music. In addi­tion to these fes­tiv­i­ties, teens will attend three preach­ing ser­vices held under the “big tent.” After the teens wor­ship the Lord through singing, evan­ge­list Aaron Cof­fey will bring rel­e­vant mes­sages about sal­va­tion and Chris­t­ian living.

Who can come?
Teenagers in grades 7–12

How Much?
For just $15 you get an overnight trip, break­fast, a whole day of awesome—with games, activ­i­ties and a deli­cious lunch. Bring some extra change for paint­ball and all the con­ces­sion items, and for a fast food meal on the way home.

What Do I Wear?
Put on your over­alls for the trip to the farm—don’t for­get the farm atmos­phere and the type of activ­i­ties. We do ask that there be no shorts, hal­ter tops or tank tops.

What Do I Do Now?
Sign yer­self up!
Inviter friends!
Pack fer overnight trip
(sleep­ing bag, toi­letries, undies…)
Ya don’t for­get yur form.
Brang yur money. — $15
Eat before ya leave.

When and Where do we meet?
Leave from church: @5:30pm Fri­day
return to church: @10:30pm Saturday

By all means, gimme a call. Use the link below to get a call­back from me.


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