Bracketorama 2009

It’s NCAA Brack­e­tarama Time!

You are invited to enter the CrossTrain­ing Brack­e­tarama Competition.

read on to see how to enter…


Have a blast

Enter only one bracket

You must use real names

any false name will be deleted from the contest

Gain brag­ging rights

How to enter…

1. Click on the web­site below.

2. Reg­is­ter for a Sport­sline ID

3. Enter the group’s pass­word:


4. Start click­ing the teams you think will win

5. Save your bracket

6. Check back dur­ing the tour­na­ment to see who’s winning!

CrossTrain­ing Bracket Website:


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  5. League Curl­ing Tourney

One Response to “Bracketorama 2009”

  1. jonkopp says:

    Ladies and Gen­tle­men.
    Just click away a bracket. It doesn’t mat­ter who you pick now. My bracket is hot to trot. You are going to just lose any­whos.

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