Do you ever won­der why Satan is around on this earth? Why he is able to tor­ment and tempt? Why God allows him to devour and destroy? Why doesn’t God just do away with Him once and for all any­way? He doesn’t do it for one main rea­son, and it’s the rea­son He does every­thing He does. He wants the great­est glory. For one thing, He wants to get the glory when a sin­ner is taken from the devil’s power. When “the sting of death [ends in] vic­tory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Satan is a dis­armed foe when an unsaved per­son is con­verted. God wins. But, not only that, God wants to be glo­ri­fied when we choose His will over Satan’s will in time of temp­ta­tion. God’s pur­pose for every sit­u­a­tion in your life is com­pletely oppo­site to Satan’s pur­pose for your life–God’s always being good, and Satan’s always being evil. God wants your heart. Satan wants your heart to focus on any­thing but God. There­fore the bat­tle in temp­ta­tion is God’s glory or Satan’s. But, think of how bright God’s glory shines when we choose to renounce the promises of Satan and to trust in the gospel’s power, tak­ing plea­sure in the greater glory of Christ over Satan. Your fight against sin is a fight to show off the glory of God. Take up arms. Strug­gle. Endure. Fight the good fight for God’s glory.


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