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Let us set­tle it in our minds that the Chris­t­ian fight is a good fight—really good, truly good, emphat­i­cally good. We see only part of it yet. We see the strug­gle, but not the end; we see the cam­paign, but not the reward; we see the cross, but not the crown. We see a few hum­ble, broken-spirited, pen­i­tent, pray­ing peo­ple, endur­ing hard­ships and despised by the world; but we see not the hand of God over them, the face of God smil­ing on them, the king­dom of glory pre­pared for them. These things are yet to be revealed. Let us not judge by appear­ances. There are more good things about the Chris­t­ian war­fare than we see (J.C. Ryle — Holi­ness [Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land: Evan­gel­i­cal Press, 1989], p. 62).


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