Trust: Banking on God

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Here are some helpers on how to under­stand God is work­ing in your life. And how to trust him through that work­ing. Never for­get that

“The Christian’s instincts of trust and wor­ship are stim­u­lated very pow­er­fully by knowl­edge of the great­ness of God. But this is knowl­edge which Chris­tians today largely lack: and that is one rea­son why our faith is so fee­ble and our wor­ship so flabby.” (J.I. Packer)

How do you trust God when…

You have to study for and take final exams?

He will give you enough time, energy, and per­se­ver­ance to study, and he will help you remem­ber all that you study.

You are babysit­ting the neighbor’s chil­dren and the two-year-old throws up?

He will enable you to clean up, care for, and com­fort the child, and assure you that the child will be okay.

You have to give an oral pre­sen­ta­tion in his­tory class?

He will help you pre­pare a good pre­sen­ta­tion, do your best, not fear the opin­ion of your class­mates, be calm and speak clearly, and say every­thing you plan to say.

You are try­ing out for the var­sity foot­ball or vol­ley­ball team?

He will help you do your best in keep­ing up with the rest of the indi­vid­u­als try­ing out. If you get cut, still believe that he is good.

You get cut from the bas­ket­ball team?

He will help you believe that he didn’t want you to be on the team this year, work hard and try again next year, and know that your worth and iden­tity are not deter­mined by the team.

You fall and break your wrist?

He will heal you, not allow per­ma­nent dam­age, and give you patience as you wait to heal.

You fail a math test?

He will help you learn the mate­r­ial, study more effec­tively, and do bet­ter on the next test.

You don’t get accepted by the col­lege you want to attend?

He wants you to go to another col­lege, has a dif­fer­ent and bet­ter plan for you, and is wise and knows what is best for you.

School is dif­fi­cult for you, and no mat­ter how hard you try you can­not get good grades?

He wants you to do the best you pos­si­bly can and doesn’t just eval­u­ate you by your grades, will help you per­se­vere even when you don’t see all the results you want from your hard work, and won’t let you become discouraged.

You don’t have many friends at school?

He con­trols your friend­ships, will pro­vide the right friends for you, will help you to reach out to oth­ers, is your clos­est friend, and is always present to com­fort and help you.

(excerpt from Grow­ing Up Chris­t­ian by Karl Graustein p. 169, 171)


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