Note to Self about Parents

Dear Teenager,

It is your priv­i­lege to exem­plify Jesus as the sub­mis­sive son to your par­ents through honor and obe­di­ence, yet you do not really think of it in this way. You see obe­di­ence to your par­ents as an empty kind of law keep­ing. Their rules feel arbi­trary, and com­pli­ance seems point­less and unful­fill­ing. But you must remem­ber three things-your call­ing, your good, and the exam­ple of Jesus.

Your call­ing as a child is to honor and obey your par­ents. This is not just because your par­ents have rules that must be fol­lowed, but that God calls you to live right­eously by respect­ing your par­ents. And this call­ing to honor your par­ents ulti­mately works out for your good. There is a promise from God that assures you that as you learn and prac­tice hon­or­ing and obey­ing your par­ents, you will find bless­ing. This may come in the form of pro­tec­tion or hap­pi­ness, but it will always pro­duce the fruit of godliness.

Chil­dren, obey your par­ents in the Lord, for this is right. 2“Honor your father and mother” (this is the first com­mand­ment with a promise), 3“that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” (Eph­esians 6:1–3)

But it is the model of Jesus that will be most per­sua­sive to you. For he knows bet­ter than any­one what it means to obey his Father, even when the task set before him is over­whelm­ing. Jesus was per­fectly sub­mis­sive to the Father and was obe­di­ent to the good will of his Father even to the point of death. And such sub­mis­sion and obe­di­ence was not done merely to serve as an exam­ple, but to accom­plish sal­va­tion for all who believe.

Where you have failed to honor and obey your par­ents, Jesus ful­filled the law by hon­or­ing both his earthly par­ents and ulti­mately his Father in heaven. This is your gospel hope. Jesus has showed you the way by accom­plish­ing your sal­va­tion. And in his sav­ing work, you not only find the way to fol­low, you also find the grace to empower such obedience.

And so here, you get to rep­re­sent Jesus to your par­ents as the obe­di­ent son. Have you con­sid­ered your call­ing in that light? You rep­re­sent the Sav­ior to your par­ents by hon­or­ing them. Ful­fill your call­ing by fol­low­ing Jesus.

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