He is enough


New series begins Sun­day, Novem­ber 5, 2006.

Come learn with the Colos­sians that for the Chris­t­ian life, all the trea­sures of wis­dom and knowl­edge are found in Christ and Him alone! Find out that we need this let­ter just as much as the orig­i­nal audi­ence did. What do you try and add to your Chris­t­ian life? Your own abil­i­ties? Your per­sonal pref­er­ences? Pulling out of the world? Liv­ing how­ever you want? None of that makes you spir­i­tual. Christ makes you spir­i­tual. Christ is all and in all. He is God, Cre­ator, Sav­ior, and Head of the church.


  1. I Call You to Discomfort
  2. Who we are
  3. Ques­tions to ask your Bible
  4. Mov­ing on up…
  5. Where we are going

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