His name was Dylan Kle­bold. He may have been kind to his friends in pre-school. He worked hard in school, and he was even in Cub Scouts where he prob­a­bly did nice things for peo­ple. But one day, things started to change. He started mak­ing deci­sions that would change who he was for the rest of his life. Lit­tle things, friends, video games, atti­tudes about oth­ers, and today, Dylan Kle­bold only means one thing to peo­ple. Columbine High School. What do you want to be remem­bered for? I think most of us, if we really thought about it, would prob­a­bly not be caught say­ing, I want peo­ple to remem­ber me as really, really selfish…or really impa­tient, or the most unhappy per­son any­one has ever met. Down deep inside, we want to be remem­bered as some­one who made a dif­fer­ence, as some­one who cared and showed it. We have been dis­cussing what makes up your life on Wednes­day nights. Your life is made up of a hun­dred dif­fer­ent choices every­day. Paul says, “If we live in the Spirit, let us also Walk by the Spirit.” (Gal. 5:23) In other words, you are a believer–a per­son who is in the Spirit. So, make your choices accord­ing to the Spirit’s com­mands. You will be remem­bered for your choices. And we know that if you sow to your “flesh, [you] shall of the flesh reap cor­rup­tion; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life ever­last­ing.” As a believer, your life will be decided by whether you lis­ten to the flesh or the spirit. It takes mak­ing choices to the Spirit to build a life of the Spirit. Choose the Spirit, today.


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