Sunday School Series
The Gospel-Centered Life

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If the gospel is con­stantly “bear­ing fruit and grow­ing” (Col. 1:6), then every­thing has to do with the gospel—God, human­ity, sal­va­tion, wor­ship, rela­tion­ships, shop­ping, recre­ation, work, personality…everything!

Come Sun­day morn­ings as we explore how that applies to our lives as teenagers

Every Wednesday in October!
Recharge Race 2011
starts at 7pm


Recharge Race is a mas­sive event that hap­pens Wednes­days in Octo­ber at CrossTraining:Oak Ridge Bap­tist Church. It is a month-long com­pe­ti­tion that is jam packed with intense out­door com­pe­ti­tion, free food, hang­ing out with friends, hilar­i­ous skits, awe­some prizes, and whole lot more. Every night there is some time to hang out, some time for com­pe­ti­tion, and some time to learn about what is really important!

Life Under the Sun: Ecclesiastes

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God gave us 5 senses to inter­act with life under the sun, but if we don’t have the 6th sense, none of it makes any sense.

What is that sixth sense?

Solomon tells us every Sun­day morn­ing. Come check it out!

Wednesday nights!
It’s my life!


You sit down to start your homework…


before you can begin…

Phone ready to txt back? check. Inter­net with face­book up? check. Ipod? check. Books out? check.

Does God’s word say any­thing about our dig­i­tal age? Yes. Come Wednes­days at 7pm to find out.

Obey Sermon Series


I’ve got a bet­ter way to do this…
I have all the answers…
The way I see it…
Noone gets me…
I’ll just do it my way…

Come Wednes­day nights to see what God says about authority.



In Sun­day School, we have been exam­in­ing the huge words that define what we believe. #7 was Atone­ment. What is the atone­ment? Come read the best def­i­n­i­tion I’ve read on the sub­ject of Christ’s mak­ing man “at-one-ment” with him. The ital­i­cized one is mem­o­riz­able and great for med­i­tat­ing. Think slowly through these lines and see […]

Wednesday Night Series Our Forgotten God

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Scrip­ture com­mands us to remem­ber God when He blesses, when He tests us, when oth­ers tell you to, and when you have for­got­ten His char­ac­ter clearly.

For the next few weeks, we will focus our atten­tion on remem­ber­ing God all the time!

Don’t miss a sin­gle message!

20 Huge Words — #4 Sin and Fall


This Sun­day morn­ing in CrossTrain­ing, we dis­cussed the Huge Word, Fall. It is the short­est word we will dis­cuss in this seri­ous, but its ram­i­fi­ca­tions in the Chris­t­ian life are one of the biggest than we will look at! Read on to dis­cover how you have been view­ing and respond­ing to sin wrongly.

20 Huge Words

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Every Sun­day morn­ing through the sum­mer, we will be explor­ing what the Bible says about what we need to believe. We will be exam­in­ing some of the words that are used often and not explained well that have immense power for remind­ing us who we are in Christ, what God has done for His peo­ple, and what we must live like if we want to find joy in God.

We’ll be dis­sect­ing these 20 huge words week by week for the next sev­eral weeks.

Keep read­ing to see which words we’ll be covering.

The Christian Diet Plan


As new­born babes, (you must) desire the sin­cere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

How is your diet look­ing these days? What are you going to eat this sum­mer? As a Chris­t­ian, you don’t read God’s word, you don’t live. You don’t grow. You waste away. Come join us. We are learn­ing what God’s word tastes like.