True Beauty

A new com­puter with a cool cam­era caught our stu­dents in all their glory. Click on the gor­geous pic­ture of Pas­tor Jon below to see them all. Who looks the fun­ni­est warped? Who looks the coolest? We await your com­ments! Com­ment on this post, so we all know can keep up with the conversation.

Motivational Posters

Can you make a fun­nier one with our CrossTrain­ing pho­tos? Read on to learn how to make your own. Email it to Pas­tor Jon right away!

Memory Game

Some­thing to try if you are bored… Play mem­ory with CrossTrain­ing Event Pho­tos Or if that ver­sion is just too hard, try this one. What is your best score? Post it in a com­ment below. I wanna see who has the best memory.