Event Wrapups

11.09 — Manhunt 2009

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 4.00.21 PM

Vision is impaired. Para­noia kicks in. A crack of a branch sends you into a panic. Are you breath­ing too loud? Can they hear your heart pound­ing through your chest? Who can you trust? Where can you hide? The dark envelopes you. Nowhere is safe. It is MANHUNT. Teams will bat­tled in an epic night […]

10.09 — Farm Fest

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We headed down to Greenville, SC for Farm Fest 2009 on Sat­ur­day, Oct. 10. About 1,600 peo­ple enjoyed the warm weather at Har­vest Acres Farm for a day of games and preach­ing. The vari­ety of games included human foos­ball, barn­yard ski­ing, a bar­rier course and Wild West minigolf. And to keep every­one going, con­ces­sion tents […]

10.09 — The Big Help 2009

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Every year, we take a whole day out of our busy sched­ules to serve–both the com­mu­nity and our church! And we have a blast doing it! One major por­tion will be par­tic­i­pat­ing in the annual Walk for Life to sup­port our Choices Preg­nancy Cen­ter in Oak Ridge. We will then spend the remain­der of our day serving […]

08.09 — bounceIN 2009

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 4.24.40 PM

It was a beau­ti­ful day for some bouncing.

07.09 — Wilds Camp Trip


06.09 — Senior Sunday


We cel­e­brated the grad­u­a­tion of 10 Seniors out of youth group and into the rest of their lives this sum­mer. Our earnest pray is that they will remem­ber God in the days of their youth, that they will con­tinue in the things that they have learned, and that they will love God more than any­thing else!

God bless you guys. We love you!

05.09 — Thatz How We Bowl

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04.09 — NightOUT 2009

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03.09 — Cola Wars 2009

love your neighbor215

The rain came. And came and came. But noth­ing stops Cola Wars. We moved the com­pe­ti­tion inside for a mas­sive bat­tle of every game imaginable.…and even some you haven’t. Pizza was con­sumed. Insan­ity was accom­plished. Check out the pics below.

02.08 — Ski Trip 2008

Feb­ru­ary Show­ers? The slopes called. And we answered. The voice on the other line said, “Ski your heart out. No mat­ter what.” And, we did. We pulled out of Oak Ridge too early to imag­ine on Mon­day morn­ing, Feb­ru­ary 4 and made the trek through the hills of ten­nessee into North Car­olina. Sounds of sleep […]

01.08 — tackiest christmas ever


It was Jan­u­ary, the last of our dec­o­ra­tions were put away. No more tin­sel. No more gar­land. No more presents. Or so we thought.

10.07 — rewind: 2007

Rewind 2007

2007, the year, wrapped up in about 9 min­utes of fast-paced pics and music. Enjoy the memories!

08.07 — Yuck Night Revrse

CLEANING YOU UP LIKE ITS 2005… Yuck night approached and we were ready. Human Banana Splits, Ice Cream, Banana Base­ball, Dia­pers, and a whole lot of soap to wash it all off. We slipped, smooshed, slammed and sloshed our way through the messi­est event on the crosstrain­ing cal­en­dar. Check out all the pic­tures at the link […]

07.07 — Northland MissionTrip.Camp Update

Northland Team

LIVE UPDATES… Fol­low our trip live at the Mission.Camp Blog

06.07 — Senior Sunday

10 seniors moved on from the youth group. We had a great ser­vice enjoy­ing the mem­o­ries and rejoic­ing in God’s good­ness. If you missed the videos, be sure to head over to the links below to watch them. They were great! Senior Tes­ti­monies Senior Thank Yous Enjoy the pic­tures of our 10 graduates!

05.07 — battle.paintball

Because everybody’s some­body at paint­ball, we had to go. Every­one was some­one at paint­ball too. We headed out of Oak Ridge through the moun­tains to the gor­geously rus­tic and mil­i­tary Smokey Moun­tain Paint­ball shop. Where 22 guns were wait­ing for us. 200 rounds sat wait­ing in our hop­pers and a feild lie before our waiting […]

04.07 — Impact 2007

Back to Basics! We spent a fast week­end in the hills of West Vir­ginia for a 2 day retreat for teenagers. Impact 2007 had over 200 teens total, and we jumped right into the mix. Our time opened up with some great open­ing skits and games. We dom­i­nated in Fam­ily Feud on the big screen…and […]

03.07 — Y12 Security Training

Y-12 called and you answered. The Depart­ment of Energy was in need of some new recruits for the BWXT plant. You came out by the teams and com­peted for a spot on the elite squad. Over 700 feet of HVAC ducts were dupli­cated at an undis­closed loca­tion. You com­pleted mis­sions, met infor­mants, had some nachos […]

01.07 — Ski Trip

4:40am came early on Jan­u­ary 29! We all sleep­ily piled into 2 vans for a trip up the moun­tain. Rentals were fit­ted, lift tick­ets were stuck, and we all got bun­dled up for a day full of ski­ing. We had a gor­geous day! Not a cloud in the sky and tem­per­a­tures in the 20s. We almost had to put on sun­screen! Every­body did great! A 1 hour les­son in the morn­ing got every­body started and we had a great day shoosh­ing down the slopes together. We all had lunch in the lodge and filled the after­noon with more skiing…most of us did any­way. A few chose to spend the remain­der of the day snug­gled up and warm near the fire. The lifts closed at 4:00 and we were return­ing our rentals and head­ing back down the moun­tain. We hit a stop at McDon­alds or KFC on the ride home, and the trip was done. What a day!

12.06 — The Coalfield Feud

A GRAND CHRISTMAS BRAWL! Gor­geous win­ter?? weather. A farm in the coun­try. Coal­field time warp. Some apples hang­ing from a tree. A barn filled with hay. A field in which to play. Two tires made the day. A chicken dance with before going away. Life was great in a sim­ple way. Coal­field Feud 2006 is […]

11.06 — Manhunt

Man­hunt 2006 Pho­tos are up! Click on the pic­ture below to view them all! Check back later for the full wrapup!

Extreme Challenges

Extreme Chal­lenges! Your mind, body and emo­tions will be tested every week in ways you never could have thought of. What will the chal­lenge be? Will you be able to com­pete? Do you have what it takes to win in Extreme Chal­lenges! Be here every Wednes­day night of the fall, for a great game, Godfocused […]

10.06 — Farm Fest

ON THE FARMUNDER THE BIG TENT You can’t beat a day packed with great preach­ing, every game you love, and a vol­ley­ball tour­na­ment all in one place. Farm Fest 2006 was awe­some! We headed out of Oak Ridge late after­noon Fri­day and hit I-40 through the moun­tains of TN and NC. Gor­geous drive, but thats another […]

09.06 — Yuck Night

Don’t Ever For­get…
… Roberts new “hair gel“
… the itsy bitsy spi­der that scared us all
… Gummi bears hide well in Spaghetti and whipped cream
… A bal­loon toss with a sur­prise
… Steal the bacon…literally
… Search­ing in pud­ding for words to a verse with your toes
… The feel­ing of hit­ting a banana with a base­ball bat
… The feel­ing of get­ting hit with a banana in the face
… Home Run Derby Yuck Night Style
… Extra points for dunk­ing your head in mus­tard
… Vienna sausage hit­ting your lip
… Flour game
… Hurl­ing a marsh­mal­low dipped in your teams spe­cial sauce across the lawn.
… Slid­ing down a slip­pery soapy slide at full speed
… Try­ing to get food from every nook and cranny of your neck
… Won­der­ing how you might smell if you left the goop there
… the most fun you’ll ever have with food!