Note to Self about Parents


Dear Teenager, It is your priv­i­lege to exem­plify Jesus as the sub­mis­sive son to your par­ents through honor and obe­di­ence, yet you do not really think of it in this way. You see obe­di­ence to your par­ents as an empty kind of law keep­ing. Their rules feel arbi­trary, and com­pli­ance seems point­less and unful­fill­ing. But […]

5 ways to make your family hate church


Read this on a blog recently, and I thought I’d pass it on to our par­ents and fam­i­lies. 1. Make sure your faith is only some­thing you live out in pub­lic Go to church… at least most of the time. Make sure you agree with what you hear the preacher say, and affirm on the […]

pharisees or beggars?


Read this quote a few weeks ago and wanted to pass it along! My work with teenagers has con­vinced me that one of the main rea­sons teenagers are not excited by the gospel is that they do not think they need it. Many par­ents have suc­cess­fully raised self-righteous lit­tle Phar­isees. When they look at them­selves, they […]

live updates


Fol­low our events live! Want to get these updates all the time on your phone? Use these instruc­tions: 1. Send a text mes­sage to your 40404 with the phrase ‘FOLLOW orbcteen­events’ 2. This will begin the process of sign­ing you up for twit­ter. 3. Twit­ter will send you a reply and ask you to reply with […]



In Sun­day School, we have been exam­in­ing the huge words that define what we believe. #7 was Atone­ment. What is the atone­ment? Come read the best def­i­n­i­tion I’ve read on the sub­ject of Christ’s mak­ing man “at-one-ment” with him. The ital­i­cized one is mem­o­riz­able and great for med­i­tat­ing. Think slowly through these lines and see […]

Questions to ask your Bible


Much of our sum­mer Wednes­day night series was all about learn­ing how to inter­act with the liv­ing Word of God. How do you med­i­tate? How can you ask ques­tions of your Bible? How can you dig in and apply ancient truth to today’s con­text? Here are some very help­ful ques­tions to take to your Bible […]

A Tale of Two Sons — Wednesday Followup


Here is some fol­lowup to Dave Massa’s mes­sage on the Prodi­gal Son. He men­tioned that he was just wet­ting our apetites to get in for our­selves. Here are some ref­er­ences to get you started.

20 Huge Words — #4 Sin and Fall


This Sun­day morn­ing in CrossTrain­ing, we dis­cussed the Huge Word, Fall. It is the short­est word we will dis­cuss in this seri­ous, but its ram­i­fi­ca­tions in the Chris­t­ian life are one of the biggest than we will look at! Read on to dis­cover how you have been view­ing and respond­ing to sin wrongly.

Feeding the Flesh


The fol­low­ing is an excerpt from a chap­ter on sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion from a sim­ple book on doc­trine called: Dug Down Deep. In it Josh Har­ris answers ques­tions like “If we’re new, why do we so often act old? If we’re changed by faith in Christ, why do so many parts of our lives still need ren­o­va­tion? Why […]

internet access


Just saw this clip and was moved by the thought. Hope you can take a sec­ond to think through how you are pro­tect­ing the next generation!

How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible

I have always been bur­dened to share with you all a solid way to read and enjoy study­ing your Bible. I came across a great help in the basics of get­ting in and soak­ing up the Bible. Take the next 5 min­utes and read through this arti­cle and apply a few prin­ci­ples to your next […]

Trust: Banking on God

How do you trust God when…



Lazy? Not me. I’m busy. Up early, up late. My sched­ule is filled from begin­ning to end. I love what I do and I love get­ting stuff done. I attack a daily to-do list with the same inten­sity I play bas­ket­ball. Me lazy? I don’t think so!