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We strive to do every­thing with a plan behind it. Every skit, game, or activ­ity is designed for a spe­cific pur­pose, and Cross Train­ing seeks to accom­plish that pur­pose with excel­lence before the face of God. The ulti­mate pur­pose, as stated ear­lier, is to glo­rify God, but at times, the best way to do that will be to gain cred­i­bil­ity with teens, intro­duce new­com­ers into our group, or allow for times of fel­low­ship between other Chris­t­ian teens. All of these work together to meet our ulti­mate goal of glo­ri­fy­ing God. Cross Train­ing has a plan for what it teaches, where it goes, and what it does.


Cross Train­ing has a six-year plan for the spir­i­tual life of your teenager. The six-year plan is that they would get from 7th grade through their senior year a whole breadth of Bib­li­cal teach­ing. It is our desire to say with Paul that, we “…did not shrink from declar­ing to you the whole coun­sel of God.” The teach­ing is pointed towards a goal, and that goal is tak­ing up our Crosses and bring­ing oth­ers to the Cross. That goal is also met pri­mar­ily through preach­ing and one-to-one dis­ci­ple­ship, but also through activ­i­ties, con­ver­sa­tions, and other means. Any and every oppor­tu­nity is taken to guide your teenager to the goal of Christ­like­ness.
Cross Training’s preach­ing and teach­ing springs directly from the word of God. Our mes­sages are timely expla­na­tions of time­less truths applied to your teen’s life. We seek to teach a love for the word of God, a heart for lost souls and a life sur­ren­dered to serv­ing Christ.
All hand­outs, out­lines and teach­ing mate­ri­als are encour­aged to be taken, and avail­able upon request. Pas­tor Jon tapes all of his mes­sages; so if you are inter­ested in hear­ing what your teen is learn­ing from the last few weeks, please con­tact Pas­tor Jon for a CD or mp3 ver­sion of his sermon.


It is our earnest prayer and desire that the prod­ucts of Cross Train­ing be teens who are pre­pared men­tally, spir­i­tu­ally and prac­ti­cally to bring oth­ers to the Cross, and to take up their own Crosses. This means that we desire that they will be saved, pos­sess a love for God and oth­ers, by hav­ing an excited pas­sion for obey­ing Christ through a sur­ren­dered life, a servant’s heart, and a Christ­like tes­ti­mony.
We have a plan for your teenager! We have goals for each one of them, and it is our prayer, that through earnest work, cor­rect point­ing, dis­ci­pline, train­ing in the Word, ser­vice oppor­tu­ni­ties, lov­ing con­fronta­tion, and patient prod­ding, they would far exceed any­thing we could ask or think.
Of course we desire to see every teenager that comes in con­tact with our group to be saved, but as goals for those who have made the first step of sal­va­tion, we pray that Cross Train­ing teens will be pre­pared in these areas:, Men­tally, Spir­i­tu­ally and Practically.

MENTALLYKnows the why …

QuestionCross Train­ing seeks to teach not only what to do, but the whys behind what to do. We seek to cre­ate within your teenager a Bib­li­cal frame­work for prob­lem solv­ing. This teach­ing takes place from the pul­pit, in small groups, in ques­tion and answer times, in group dis­cus­sion, in projects, in one-on-one dis­ci­ple­ship and in singspirations.

SPIRITUALLYHas the heart …

QuestionCross Train­ing believes that with­out a God-given desire to walk in the ways of the Lord, there will be no last­ing change in the life of your teenager. We pray and seek to cul­ti­vate a heart that truly desires to live for Christ. This can only come through active pur­suit of God in the life of a teenager. We pro­mote and teach this through par­tic­i­pa­tion in daily time spent with God, Christ-centered wor­ship, fel­low­ship with other believ­ers, and pure living.

PRACTICALLYable to do …

QuestionWe desire to pro­duce teens that are able to take the truths they know and apply them to action. It is not our desire to pro­duce spir­i­tual gurus, but rather spir­i­tual ser­vants. Cross Train­ing seeks to set up oppor­tu­ni­ties to put into prac­tice the teach­ings they have received. Some exam­ples of our plan to accom­plish this goal are heavy T.E.A.M min­istry involve­ment, prac­ti­cal evan­ge­lism train­ing, mis­sion trips, con­fronting one-on-one dis­ci­ple­ship, teen led Sun­day night ser­vices, and group discussion.


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